Le Grand Bal Masqué de Versailles

Sleepless night at the royal castle :  The Orangerie of Versailles has celebrated le Grand Bal Masqué June 30th 2012 from midnight to dawn.
Artistic direction and staging by Blanca Li.

Marie Antoinette electro

 Versailles, the symbolic achievement of french kings, still carries the spirit of royal parties which were held in its gardens and castle – extravagant, elegant and frivolous – they are still alive in the imagination of people today.
Princesses, courtiers, VIP in disguise or mysterious characters from around the world, the unthinkable has transformed into reality…
Versailles will reopen its doors for a Grand Ball on Saturday the 30th of June 2012!
The Orangery of Versailles Castle will become for one night the most elegant, most whimsical and most refined ballroom…
To respect the tradition of freedom, guests must absolutely wear a mask, in order to anonymously joke, chat and dance to the music of the best DJs until dawn. Witness the most beautiful costumes from the 18th Century alongside the wildest music of today, with special acts staged by Blanca Li, host of the night.

le Bal 2012 photo© Paul Avillach

Evening program

From 9pm, all participants wearing costumes and masks, may attend the Grandes Eaux Nocturnes… as once before when courtiers or courtesans, along with aristrocrats mingled in the castle gardens – the most beautiful and largest of Europe.
Of course feel free to draw upon your creative spirit, your costume can be funny, quirky and original… be singular !

Fireworks at 11pm on the Grand Canal announcing the beginning of the festivities.

At midnight, opening of Masked Ball, scenography by Pierre Attrait and light design by Jacques Chatelet :
Enter the Orangerie wearing your mask and don’t let anybody recognize you !

Blanca Li has selected many surprises to entertain you during the night:
Jewels , the sword swallower, Isadora Gamberetti with her seductive performance, Sucre d’Orge  with burlesque numbers, the fabulous dancers of Blanca Li, the visual installation by Charles Carcopino and mixed images by Olivier Ratsi et Wafa Benromdhane will amaze you all night!

Jeremy Hills, Paris DJ, will fire the Orangery from midnight to 3 am. (Link to video by Blanca Li with electro dancers:)

Steev Lemercier from Berlin, will succed him until dawn. (Link to myspace: )

It will be time to go to watch the sunrise at the « Bosquet » and enjoy a breakfast listening Jennifer Cardini from Köln, for a final after, the dance of the dawn! (Link to her web page🙂

Enjoy the dance!

Visit also the facebook page of the event

Bal 2012 photo ©Paul Avillach
Bal 2012 photo ©Paul Avillach

More photos by Paul Avillach

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Dates de tournée

30 June 2012
Chateau de Versailles
de minuit à 8h du matin, costume et masque impératif…
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