C’est Rouge

Enter a fantasyland of beauty, mystery and desire designed by Blanca Li. Fridays and Saturdays at Faena Theater.

C’est Rouge! from faena.com on Vimeo.

The entire Faena Universe is a stage and every performance is delicately choreographed into a succession of flowing dreams and acts.
A sensual and seductive revue of singular vignettes set to Latin American and Jazz rhythms by an extraordinary septet band, C’est Rouge! fuses entertainment, humor and beauty to showcase the ability of the human body to create awe-inspiring performances.

The show includes collaborations with some of the biggest talents in fashion: Juan Gatti and Laurent Mercier for costume design, Oribe for hair, Erik Halley for costume accessories, Fifi Chachnil for lingerie and Christian Louboutin for footwear.

Li has worked closely with a very special cast of dancers, musicians, singers and acrobats tailoring their acts to highlight each of their individual techniques and talents. Enhanced by a collection of stunning costumes, the latest technology in video and light design, and a masterful choice and arrangement of songs from Latin, Jazz and R&B classic repertoire, C’est Rouge! at Faena Theater promises a beautiful and transcendent experience.
This fantastical late night show plays Fridays and Saturdays at the Faena Theater at 32nd street and Collins Avenue.




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